On-site exhibitions are important. The direct encounter in public space is a hub between analog and digital communication. The project is currently presented for the first time with selected works in a vacant store in Gelsenkirchen. The storefront area as well as the interior bring the project into contact with the most diverse visitors’ groups and provide space for accompanying action.

In the interior, the presence exhibition shows an installation by Claudia Lüke, which makes the destruction of art understandable all the way to the “Emergency Art Kit”, the purchasable art object. The glass entrance area will be used to present the art and cultural workers involved in the project worldwide in the context of “art destruction to art protection”. 

Uwe Jesiorkowski equips the shop windows with a series of life-size photographic portraits. Time-marked with the “art masks”, social positions that are hardly appreciated are brought into focus and highlighted. In the large-format, life-size portraits, one can encounter the protagonists.

Continuous information about the project is made possible by a short slider, which is projected in an endless loop in a side window throughout the day. Here, the history of the project and the project idea become clear in moving pictures. In addition, QR codes will be displayed in the windows, creating a connection to the online platform for everyone on site.