Ad2Ap – Art Destruction to Art Protection

Make destruction visible- destruction makes visible …

These central statements combine the two positions of Claudia Lüke and Uwe Jesiorkowski in the joint project “ad2ap – art destruction to art protection”.

AD2AP is a creative approach to the Corona crisis. Destruction is not exclusively negative, but becomes an occasion to leave familiar routines and refocus the view. Behind masks of destroyed art, the underrepresented protagonists of the art scene and other less valued professional groups become visible. In this changed perception lies the chance to enter into a debate that makes changes possible.

Simon Djen, Kunstsammler NYC
Claudia Lüke anticipates the destructive impact of the Corona crisis on the art business by already cutting up her paintings. From them she creates mouth masks, which she sends to colleagues, gallery owners, art lovers and collectors all over the world for protection. In this way art becomes visible with the people who belong to a lively art scene.
Madame Kali, Domina, Bielefeld/Berlin

Uwe Jesiorkowski draws the attention with his special photographs to those people who ensure a functioning society. He portrays people from professional groups who otherwise received little attention. Marked with the „art masks“ he directs the view to them and makes them visible in a unique way.

AD2AP is a multimedia and interactive art-project

It works online and at exhibitions in museums or galleries, as well as in public space. With the additional format “Ad2ap meets…” people can discuss and participate in ad2ap.