AD2AP meets

AD2AP meets … is the extended exhibition concept for the project “Art Destruction to Art Protection”. 

Site specific exhibitions bring the project into public space

With ad2ap meets… the discussion of the topic is expanded and refocused. One artist and one professional group representative will be invited to the local exhibition, as here in our pilot project in downtown Gelsenkirchen. Gelsenkirchen is a starting point for a continuing series of exhibitions at other locations. The project will set a new accent in each city, through the selection of the pictures on display and the artists and professional representatives invited.

With Hermann J Kassel and Dirk Blum, two outstanding personalities have been successfully integrated into this concept and have expanded it in an inspiring way

Hermann J Kassel (artist from Mechernich) “stamps” a storefront window of the exhibition with his slogan “Ich bin wertvoll” (I am valuable), which he developed on the basis of his work around the theme of human dignity. This addition gives the exhibition a new accent, since this “label” is capable of changing one’s own perception and attention again. The work provides an extra opportunity for discussion and reflection about appreciation for people in our society.

Photos by Uwe Jesiorkowski, Hansjürgen Smit, Annette Volk

Dirk Blum (Chairman of the City Association of Undertakers), as one of those being portrayed, meets the local people. As a mortician, he belongs to a professional group that is excluded from public perception because death, as an inevitable part of life, is excluded from our society. The exhibition brings him and his profession into contact with the public, which currently has to deal more often with the questions of dying and death and is dependent on professional assistance. How much a mortician can and must accomplish, especially in Corona times, can be learned in conversation.

Video clip of the first “AD2AP meets …” event …

Many thanks to “Filmsache”, Bernd Gahlen